Rotary Club of Wareham

Service above self - helping the local community and national and international causes.

Charity Number 1037756

Who are we ?     

The Rotary Club of Wareham is part of Rotary International  , a world wide association of service volunteers, and made up of local clubs of both men and women.

The Rotary Club of Wareham serves Wareham, Wool, Bere Regis, Lulworth and the surrounding areas. We are one of over 1800 clubs within Great Britain and Ireland.

We meet weekly on Tuesday evening normally at the Springfield Country Hotel, Wareham although some evenings we have activities elsewhere.

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Who are our members?

The Rotary Club of Wareham consists of both men and women, from a wide range of business and professional backgrounds.

What are the aims of Rotary?

Working under the long standing slogan of ‘Service above self’, Rotary members are enthusiastic volunteers who give their time and talents to serve communities both at home and abroad, and share a common interest in helping others.

What are our strengths?

The Rotary Club of Wareham, like all clubs in the Rotary movement, is completely free to decide which charities, deserving individuals and other causes that it wishes to help and support.

We can also support international causes and often, as for example following natural disasters, there will be our fellow Rotarians in the affected areas who will be able to directly assist in the relief effort, and enable us to ensure that donations, equipment etc reach those in need.

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